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SweetEscape #LiviaGoestoSeoul

Hello peeps. I'm going to post about my Korea trip again. So me and my friends did some photo session with SweetEscape by Axioo Photography. SweetEscape is holiday photography in over 235 cities worldwide. SweetEscape help us to remember our trip moments. Bring the memories back to home. I personally really love the results, and we had amazing fun photo session.

Check SweetEscape's instagram page in here

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MyMakeupBrushSet Review

Hello loves! Today I'm going to review MyMakeupBrushSet. I have recently interested with oval brush, and then MyMakeupBrushSet just contact me and offering to send me their oval brush! I'm so excitedddd. Definitely love it so much! The brush makes your makeup looks so flawless. The brush hairs are synthetic. The oval brush just $20!

 The brushes have a round shape design that's perfect for blending foundation, blush, or powder to your face or cheeks.
 Firm grip handle design and tilted brush tip

 Check their website to know the brush's functions: MyMakeupBrushSet

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StyleWe Review

Hi loves, today I'm going to write a review about StyleWe, so they contacted and sent me a product to review it. StyleWe is an online shopping platform, providing high quality and exclusive fashion products from independence desaigners. It’s from China, but the website managing from US. The photos are very professional and highly styled.
I'm going to review this bag, its from OMTO. I definitely love the details. It looks super cool, and the quality is really good. I've been searching new crossbody bag and I found the right one! Totally recommended to visit this webpage.  And they using DHL for delivery the package. 

Jacket: Dresslink
Dress: H&M
Shoes: Nike 
Sunglasses and accessories: Forever21
Watch: Michael Kors
Bag: StyleWe

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Seoul Travel Diaries Part 2 #LiviaGoesToSeoul

Hello everyone, another post about my Seoul trip. So in day 2 we visit Insa-Dong (a famous place for tourist). There's a lot of unique stuffs and a lot of people wearing hanbok in this place.

and we visited Itaewon too, it so packed! a lot of people hangout in there. There's a lot of cool cafes and restaurants. I really recommend to visit Itaewon for hangout. Itaewon is famous for foreigners, because a lot of foreigners lives in there.

Wefie before took a subway 
 Bride to be got challenge from us to drank a beer with 3 strangers hahaha we doing this challenge at Hongdae. Super recommend to visit this place. Hongdae is near with Hongik University, a lot of young people hang out in there. A lot of bars and cafes. You need to go there on friday night! 
 Baskin Robbins in Korea definitely different with other countries. You need to try it!
 We visited Gwangjang Market too, its a market but full of street foods. This food called Kalguksu. Its cheap and yummy. And I recommend to share with your friends if you want try a lot of foods, because they sell a big of portion in this market.
 and this called kimchi jeon! 

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Seoul Travel Diaries Part 1 #LiviaGoesToSeoul

Anyonghaseo! Yup I just went to South Korea for my best friend's bachelorette trip! We planned this trip from last January and finally the day is come. Me and my girls are really excited, because this is our first trip together. Please check on instagram with hashtag #Keepingupwithchurer and #OliviasSingleBash for more fun photos.
I had amazing time with them, and took a lot of pictures so I think I will post it like 3-5 parts LOL
Me and baes
Airport outfits. We transit at HongKong International Airport
My outfit for day 1

Jajangmyeon! super yummy
Blueberry bingsoo

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REVIEW: IrresistibleMe Sapphire 8 in 1 Curler

Hello everyone, so IrresistibleMe just sent me a package and I'm going to review it. It called Sapphire 8in1 Complete Curler.
I was completely stunned with this amazing product. It looks solid. And I just love it so much. I was look for this kind of curling iron from last 6 months, somehow IrresistibleMe's team contact me and voila! 

 My hair before using IrresistibleMe Curling Iron

 Irresistible Me Sapphire 8in1 curler comes with 8 different ceramic curler: 13mm, 19mm, 25mm, 18/9mm, 25/13mm, 13/25 mm and pearl.
Fast heating and variable temperature control
LED screen shows the temperature you're at
Comes with lock system so the wand will not fall when we use it
A nice travelling pack
This curler heats up so fast, you just need hold your hair around the wand like 4-5 seconds.There's no wrong or right when using this product, vertical or horizontal are okay. P.S the product comes with gloves, super helpful. But unfortunately I still burned myself hahaha. Clumsy me

Check their website for more information: 
and their instagram for more amazing photos: @irresistibleme_hair

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