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my last post in 2010

Wow, i doubt when someone said time walks too fast, because time not walks but RUNS! 1 year, 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days almost finish. Are you ready for say goodbye to 2010? Ready or not, i hope 2011 can be amazing year for all of us. Anyway, long time not updating my blog. So here i am, my last post in 2010. It's just simple look: shirt, skirt, and pumps. I adore Olivia Palermo and she so gorgeous with simple look. So, i thought maybe i can try her look :D

shirt: Zara
skirt: random
bag: Louis Vuitton
watch: Casio
pumps: Zara TRF
damn, i need haircut! my hair looks so messy, right? :(
By the way, Happy New Year!

i love black

when i open my wardrobe , 3/4 from my clothes is black. and hell yesss, i love black. Don't know why, but i'm fall in love with black. black is classic, and mix and match black outfit more easier. and i wore this outfit in my sister's birthday dinner! happy birthday, sister!

with my lovely sister!

the skirt from 80's

i got the skirt from my aunt, she wore it when she 20 years old, hahaha. i love the skirt, old but very chic :))

top : body glove
skirt : old skirt from my aunt
bag : bonia (old bag from my mom)
shoes : the little things she need


when denim jacket met stripe maxi dress

mix 'n match my old denim jacket with stripe maxi dress. that's my old denim jacket from i'm 11years old. LOL. i found it, try it and still fit on me. i love this mxi dress, really, i love wear maxi dress or maxi skirt now. please always visit my blog and wait the next post. THANKS guys! :))

my face totally like dumb -__-

by the wayyyy, i fall in love with Joseph Vincent ,his voice his style his cover in youtube!! OMG, i hope someday he'll come to Indonesia
check him info on youtube, facebook, or twitter :)
and, recommendation songs: Just a dream cover, replay cover, f*ck you cover, etc
"I was thinkin about her, thinkin about me.
Thinkin about us, what we gonna be?
Open my eyes, yeah, it was only just a dream.
So I travel back, down that road.
Who she come back? No one knows.
I realize, yeah, it was only just a dream."

how to diet?

please someone tell me how to diet just for 1month? i was successfully diet last year, 15kg in 2months. but now, my weight gain 5kg again. aarrghhhh, my friend asked me to buy china pills, that pills can reduce weight into 20kg in 1month, but i'm scared with pills's side effect :(( there's anyone know the healthy diet? thankss
anyway, this some photos from my saturday night

me and my sister, tinkerlia
what i wore: tank top (random)
shirt (zara)
jeans (mango)
shoes (TRF zara)
bag (valentino)

cam-whoring at home


nothing to do

yup, nothing to do on sunday. it's really bored. so i start to learn edit my pics.
it's just 2 pics, but i'm really need your comment all, your comment make me better on this case. thanks guys!

comment me on older post too, thank you people!!

happy birthday to me!

yeaahh, 24july is my birthday. i spent that day at ITC Mangga Dua, it's my mom's present, she asked me: what your plan today? i just answer 'i don't know, in my head i just wanna go to mangga dua", and then she said okay! woohooooo, i love my mom so muchhh, i bought many things, stripe maxi dress! andddddd, finally i got mulberry bag alexa chung!
my mom asked us to dinner at poke sushi, and this some photos

me and my sister! i love her outfit!

my cakes!! :p
edit my photos, is it weird? lol,
i wore: dress from zara, bag from mulberry, shoes from zara TRF

and, i just dinner with my girls at kitchenette Plaza Indonesia :):)
recomended: this place is good, the food is great

left: linda, angel, me ; right: sherly, jeanne, stellah

chiffon cake from them, yummy

me and jeanne me and tella

me and sherly me and linda
i forgot took photo with angel! hahaha, she so busy to took photo herself!

i wore: animal print dress from zara, military jacket from fashionable shop, shoes from zara, bag from balenciaga
and the last. thanks God, thanks my family, thanks my friends, thanks everyone! i love u guyss!
"Birthday bring us cheer and happiness. Remind us of who we are and what we want to be. Also remind us that we are blessed to have so many loving people around us"






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