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happy birthday to me!

yeaahh, 24july is my birthday. i spent that day at ITC Mangga Dua, it's my mom's present, she asked me: what your plan today? i just answer 'i don't know, in my head i just wanna go to mangga dua", and then she said okay! woohooooo, i love my mom so muchhh, i bought many things, stripe maxi dress! andddddd, finally i got mulberry bag alexa chung!
my mom asked us to dinner at poke sushi, and this some photos

me and my sister! i love her outfit!

my cakes!! :p
edit my photos, is it weird? lol,
i wore: dress from zara, bag from mulberry, shoes from zara TRF

and, i just dinner with my girls at kitchenette Plaza Indonesia :):)
recomended: this place is good, the food is great

left: linda, angel, me ; right: sherly, jeanne, stellah

chiffon cake from them, yummy

me and jeanne me and tella

me and sherly me and linda
i forgot took photo with angel! hahaha, she so busy to took photo herself!

i wore: animal print dress from zara, military jacket from fashionable shop, shoes from zara, bag from balenciaga
and the last. thanks God, thanks my family, thanks my friends, thanks everyone! i love u guyss!
"Birthday bring us cheer and happiness. Remind us of who we are and what we want to be. Also remind us that we are blessed to have so many loving people around us"

camera psycho!

yes! of course! i am a woman who crazy took a pictures at anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. hahaha. and, i think it's good too. it can raise our self esteem. ROFL. i can't life without camera or mobile. i can't go out without this two things. and, this is some photos of me, and what do you think with my hairclip? am i good with longhair? haha

there's some pics me and my lovely sister :) just visit her, tinkerlia

bun my hair :) supermodel like to bun her hair, and i just try it to my hair :p

and, for last photo , i just wanna show my real shorthair :)

woowww, so many pics, and this can be proof that i am a camera psycho!
it means i am a photoholic. LOL.


recomended this place! seriously, Tartine at Fx entertainment center :)
i like the interior, there's had big picture of Audrey Hepburn. And, yeahh, the food totally delicious,
there's some photos from me and my besties,,,

with tella :)

with angel :)

the waitress took pic for us, but it's blur =___="

simple: i wore my mom's purple shirt, legging and flats from The Little Things She Need

i just ate fried rice, but for me the taste is good~ i order cocktail too (ping pong), love it!






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