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Sailor Short

WOW, it's been 3months i'm not updating this blog. been busy with my college's life. So, i just post some random photos... (actually took it 1-2 months ago, LOL)

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Old Green

My sister bought this pants 5years ago.. and this lately, i found it on my wardrobe. so i've been thinking to wear it again. and Thanks God it still fit on me. LOL. So grateful for the Long holiday.. but my family and i just stay at Jakarta. Enjoy the quite streets.. By the way, Happy Eid for those who're celebrating! :D



heyho! lately, i'm being addicted with demi lovato's new single: SKYSCRAPER. i cant stop click the repeat button again and again. the lyric very touching. i agree with Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester, they tweeted: #ProudofDemi. She's a strong girl, she never give up.

" You can take everything I have
You can break everything I am
Like i'm made of glass
Like i'm made of paper
Go on and try to tear me down
I will be rising from the ground
Like a skyscraper! Like a skyscraper!"

okay, and this some pictures...

i wore LASCA TOP from ELLIA ClothingShop(search on FaceBook), check the collections and get 10% discount.. If you called your self a fashionista or shopaholic so just click this and check it out :)

back again!

helloooo, bloggers! i'm back again.. i'm such a lazy blogger, it's been 1month i'm not updating my blog :$ lately, my internet connection really suckssss.. and i just being busy with my college's tasks plus some jobs.. :( seriously, i need holidayyy! please come quickly holiday....

oh by the way, i just checked youtube's fantastic singer! MADDI JANE, she just 11y.o. check her cover on , you should watch BreakEven - the script cover and Price Tag - Jessie J cover. such an amazing kid...

and i just mix my denim shirt with my black skirt...

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jewel tones

Everyone know that Gucci SS 2011's collection is super fabulous! the color super gorgeous! so when i saw the campaign, i remembered that my mother gave me her old skirt (i call it: THE MUSTARD), and i mix it with my blouse, and this is the result..............

what do you think? the mustard and the blouse...?

(sister's blouse, mom's skirt and purse, steve madden's pumps, forever21's sunglasses)
p.s. my mom bought the purse when she married, it means 25 years ago. woo, my mom kept her stuffs as good as new.


one hour can be anything

i just watched grey's anatomy season 7 episode 15, and there's a quote i really like it, and i share it to you guys.. :)

"An hour, one hour, can change everything forever.
An hour can save your life. An hour can change your life.
Sometimes an hour is a gift we give ourselves. For some, an hour can mean almost nothing.
For others, an hour makes all the difference in the world.
But in the end, it's still just an hour. One of many. Many more to come.
Sixty minutes. Thirty-six hundred seconds. That's it. Then it starts all over again.
And who knows what the next hour might hold"

sometimes we do not expect what would happen in one hour, time flies so fast, so appreciate it :)

by the way, i took some photos with my old outfit (P.S. bought it when i was fat like king kong). LOL

visit berrybenka ! maybe you'll find amazing stuff :)

vous voir, chérie ~

another treasure

i'm a lucky girl, i've a mother, aunt, and cousin whose really fashionable when they were young :) i found another outfit from my aunt, my aunt said she wore it when she's 25, it means the skirt already 25yo. tsk, can't imagine. i wore this outfit for my bestfriend's birthday.

the one wore the bowler hat is the birthday girl!
SaengilChukae,chingu! (means: happy birthday, friend!) :*

by the way, check this out, my friend made a cover (rhythm of love from Plain White T's), please comment or vote up if you like it. he's newbie but he really talented :)


sushi is number one!

all of this week i just craving for sushi. On friday, after i got back from college i asked mom, but she said: not now. On saturday i had another plan, so finally on Sunday my mom and sister said OKAY! woohooo, seriously our family totally heart japanese food, my mom is vegetarian and she only can eat the cucumber or egg sushi, but she always said sushi is the best food ever (after chinese food). LOL.
The most i like:
spicy salmon skin
special unagi and many more(can't upload it one by one :p)

and i wore:

top: ITC Mangga Dua
bottom: my cousin's short when she's 20(now she 38), wow it means the short is 18y.o LOL
bag: Louis Vuitton
flats: The Little Things She Need

chinese new year

it's been 1week after chinese new year. still, happy chinese new year, bloggers! :) and i wore this outfit in second day, going to cinema with my big family, watched Shaolin from Andy Lau and Jackie Chan. RECOMMENDED for watch it!

just post 3photos, because i feel super fat in other photos :( need extra diet!!!
denim jacket (Random)
dress (Zara)
flats (The Little Things She Need)
bag (Random)






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