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Simply White

Okay, super quick post, my Mom asked me and my sister for dinner with her at Ninety-Nine, so this is my outfits. White blazer and denim short. I forgot took the picture of food hahaha. but I recommend you: Nasi Goreng Kampung. Super yummyyyy~  I hope I can update my blog more and more before 2012 finish. LOL. Enjoy your holiday, Enjoy your christmas! Merry Christmas :)





Burgundy Attack

Burgundy kinda famous lately, so I try to wear it. And guess what ? I got my burgundy top only US$8 and my burgundy jeans only US$12. What do you think about my outfit? ^^ Anyway my plaid shirt is from amazing shop: you can check it on instagram @herspot and you can follow my instagram too:  @vheeya :)


Neon Neon Neon

Neon dress + Neon bag + Neon Ring . . . .

what do you think? :) 
Shoes: Stradivarius
Ring: Lovisa (bought it when trip to Singapore)


Coral Skirt

Simple outfits for attending big family gathering on weekend:) 
Check it out


Skirt from Forever21
Shoes from


Holiday Trip

Okay, quick post!
 I spent my holiday with my family! such a short trip, but fun :) some photos here. I just wore simple outfits.

Gonna posting new look soon! :D


Tribal on Tribal

I found my Mom's old blazer in her closet. She bought it 20 years ago. Love the color so muchh. 




You can bought the tribal top in here
Tribal skirt from Forever21

Anyway, i LOVE Taylor Swift's new single : We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together!
"We are never ever ever ever getting back together
We are never ever ever ever getting back together
You go talk to your friends talk
And my friends talk to me
But we are never ever ever ever getting back together"
She so beautiful!!


My New Hair

Yes IT IS, my new hair. i was going to cut more short than this, but my mom said Medium hair looks better on me. So I decided follow my mom's idea. My friends said I looks more fresh, but honestly I miss BUN my hair so muchhhh. I cant bun my hair now. Too short :( anyway, what do you think?

Top: ELLIA (Check it out)
I love my top's pattern so muchh, perfect for summer :)
Bag: Actually this is my make up bag from ESTEE LAUDER , lol

Braided hair

I miss my long hair, I miss how I bun or BRAID my hair. 
I was cut my hair last week, and this is the last post I'm with long hair. 
I will post my new hair in next post. So, stay tune in my blog :) 

Top and Skirt from ELLIA , click here and check the collections ^^
Shoes from ZARA

The Vision of Love

Lately, i've been addicted listen this song, called "The Vision of Love" from KRIS ALLEN (the winner of the eight season of American Idol). i love the concept of music video too.
"When a heart breaks and the world shakes,
Will we stand for the vision of love?When a tear falls and the fear calls,Will we stand for the vision of love?Will we stand for the vision of love?"
And i shared some photos from last week. simply outfit for my friend's birthday dinner. :)


i'm in love with my new necklace. It just IDR75000. 
follow my instagram: @vheeya :)

mommy's shorts

i wear my collar top with mom's shorts. She said she bought it 20 years ago. Can you imagine how old is it? but it still good as new, lol. 

you can hype this look on my lookbook :) i will appreciate it :)
collar top: random
shorts: mom's
bag: gobelini


Blue Addict

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This lately, blue is my favorite color. I bought blue tops, blue skirts, blue pants, blue accessories, blue ... blue ... and blue ...

Wore the same shirt with my best friend, she wore the red one, and i wore the BLUE one

Blue shirt: New Look
Black Skirt: Mango
White shirt: Random
Blue Skirt: Random
Bag: Givenchy 
Ring: YSL
Shoes: Payless






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