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It's Ok To Cry

Finally after 4.5 months I'm back to posting. My post is going about life talks and I'm sharing my trip photos to Gili Islands, Indonesia and my airport outfits. 
And here’s the reality of it, sometimes things is freaking suck and there’s nothing you can do about it but push through it and that’s the truth. Everyone tells you that its gonna get better, and they’re right, but sometimes it gets worse before it can improve. So when you’re at your worst you’ve need to fight back, defy the odds of darkness and laugh in its face. 
When you’re having a bad day, go take a hot bath, blast your favorite music and breathe. Maybe while you doing it, the bad thoughts don’t leave your mind, but at least you’re clean. When everything inside of you is breaking, let yourself feel it. 

 Everyone tells you that you can’t cry, that you shouldn’t, and you know what? I think that’s a b*llshit. I think it’s good to let the strings inside of you break, to let the water overflow and drown you for a while because that’s how you feel and that’s what reminds you that you’re alive. Because maybe you feel numb, maybe your heart feels too heavy, maybe everything inside of you is begging you to quit, but those are the side effects of living. 

 You are going feel everything, and it’s gonna hurt so badly but that’s not the only thing you’re gonna feel. You are also going to feel joy, excitement, anticipation, and pure blissful happiness. But you’re going to have some days where everything hurts you, where it all feels like too much and you’re really gonna want to give up, and you know what? That's OKAY. 
Despite everything or everyone always wants to say. You have a right to feel this way, because things are hard. You aren’t weak for feeling this way because even the strongest have a right to collapse. 

 I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes things get to be too much but when you hit bottom, bottom is gonna start hitting you back and you’re gonna be bruised and scarred. But you know the best thing about that? Bruises heal, wounds close up, and bones realign. So yes, it HURTS. 
But you’ve got to breathe through the pain, you’ve got to trudge through the dark times until you see that little sliver of light and when you see it? Run to it. and if you can’t run, walk, and if you can’t walk, crawl to it! 
Do whatever it takes to carry yourself through it and if you see hands reaching out for you, please, take them. You can’t always do things on your own and that is okay to get help. 
But you are doing great. And if things didn’t get better, you wouldn’t still be here today. There’s a little something that gets you through your life everyday, so hold onto that no matter how little or silly it is. 
You’ll be alright. And you definitely not alone :)

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